Kung Fu Links

Jiang Hao Martial Arts Institute
Traditional Ba Gua Zhang. A very nice page with the photographs of Bagua masters.

Tai Ji Men - The Gate of Tai Ji
A Chinese page dedicated to Tai Ji Quan, contributions also made by the grandmasters Feng Zhi Qiang (the director of the Peking Chen Tai Ji Institute) or Fu Zhong Wen, the chairman of the Shanghai Yang Shi Tai Ji Assn. (Note: Chinese codepage GB 2312 required for viewing this page)

Guo Shao Heng
The home page of our friend, a young Shaolin master and also a Chinese Wu Shu champion.

The Czech Associationo of Chinese Wu Shu
Original chinese Wu Shu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Ji Quan master Qin Min Tang

Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute
The school of Mike Petterson

Neijia Teacher's Directory

Tim Cartmell Shen Wu Martial arts
Very good

Salzburg University - Sport Institue

Nova Scotia School of KungFu & TaiChi
The school of master Yau Sun Tong

Chen Fa Ke Chen Tai Ji
A reference to our grandfather, Li Zhong Yinovi

A Czech school of the traditional Southern-Shaolin style

Hsing I Ch'uan

Martial Arts and Wushu

Xing Yi Quan Student Club
The Chinese Big5 codepage support reqiured

The book about our Xin Yi family and other books published by High View Publictaion


Jet Li Fan Clubs-Li Lian Jie
The Chinese movie star

Visit soon for other new links!

The homepage of mastress Zhai Hua and other genuine Chinese masters and their students are being developed. We would like to introduce here many true experts, so that it is clear that there is enough qualified teachers in the Czech Republic and no-one is forced to learn from teach-yourself types, would-be masters and deceivers.