Zhang Bao Yang with staff


Zhang Bao Yang

Zhang Bao Yang (1922 - ) was born in HebeiProvince in the city of Xingji. After graduationfrom high school, Zhang moved to Beijing to begin working. During the 1950's, he began his study of Xing Yi Quan under Wang Ji Wu. He followed Wang day and night and learned the inner teachings of the art. Practicing martial arts morning and night, Zhang Bao Yang followed the advice of his teacher and studied with a humble attitude and open mind. Zhang also went to study with the famous Xin Yi martial arts master Zhang Chuang Fa (also known as Zhang Xiang Zhai, Zhang Chuang Fa was a Xing Yi Quan student of Liu Qi Lan's son Liu Wen Hua (also known as Liu Dian Chen) and a Ba Gua Zhang student of Cheng Ting Hua. Zhang Bao Yang's boxing uncle was Du Ji San, who was a student of zhang Bao Yang Bu Xue Kuan, a student of Che Yi Zhai. Zhang Bao Yang's teachers were all impressed with his spirit and eagerness to learn and were more than happy to teach him.

Zhang Bao Yang and Wang Ji Wu

Zhang Bao Yang and his master Wang Ji Wu

When the Beijing Xing Yi Quan Research Association was established in 1983, Zhang Bao Yang was appointed director. Zhang's enthusiasm and sacrifice in promoting the martial arts has won him the praise and admiration of his peers His notoriety has attracted correspondence from martĦal artists all over the county. He was given an advisory position in the Ji Nan Xing Yi Quan Research Association, the Fukien San Min City Youth Martial Arts Team, the Beijing Sun Style Tai Ji Quan Association, and is a coach of the Beijing Ji Xian Martial Arts Academy. As Xing Yi Quan is an internal martial art, Zhang also studied Qi Gong with Hu Yao Zhen in order to deepen his knowledge of internal power.

Zhang Bao Yang is a man of many talents. Besides studying osteopathy with Wang Ji Wu, Zhang also studied acupuncture with Jia Chu Lian. In addition tohis achievements in martial arts, Qi Gong, and medicine, Zhang takes pleasure in treating patients.In order to further research Xing Yi Quan, Zhang and his classmate Wang Jin Yu have collaborated on organizing and editing the Xing Yi Written Transmissions and have coauthored the manuscript The New Written Transmissions o f Xin Yi Liu He. In addition, Zhang and his junior classmate, Wang Huan Sheng, have written a book on Wang Ji Wu's Xin Yi Sixteen Exercises for Health. In 1991, Zhang resigned as head of the Xing Yi Research Association, but continues his involvement in an advisory role. He is also a member of the Beijing City Qi Gong Research Association. in 1986 he began volunteering his time as a medical practitioner at a local hospital.

Zhang Bao Yang has taught many students. Because of his open teaching, his students improve rapidly and several of his students have become teachers in their own right. Some of his students have begun teaching his art overseas.

compiled by Wang Huan Sheng